Harrachov is one of the most popular Czech ski resorts. Mountain town Harrachov is the largest sports complex in the Krkonoše mountain. The ski area has a wide range of ski tracks, two four-chair lifts and all facilities for families with children as well as demanding skiers. Visitors, tourists, cross-country skiers and cyclists will appreciate the rich network of hiking routes interconnected.

Golf club Harrachov

The Golf Club Harrachov was founded in 1999 and the construction of a 9-hole course was started in 2000. Opened in September 2001. Ground pitch 60, length 2,992 m from yellow tees. It is one of the highest places in Bohemia (730 m nm) in the beautiful nature of the western Krkonoše Mountains. The location of the pitch in the mountain resort allows you to combine golf with your family vacation. The ground is limited to (controlled) player throughput, the maximum number of groups on the pitch is 7, ensuring each player has enough privacy and peace for their game. We are the only playground in the Krkonoše Mountains with installed tees for the smallest golfers as part of the family golf project – “Family Courses”, so the children become equal partners of their parents.

Bobsleigh Špindlerův Mlýn

The bobsled run in Špindlerův Mlýn was built in 1997 as the first project of its kind in the Czech Republic and according to the top producer of unique technology, out of 330 implementations it belongs to the three most attractive projects of its kind in the world! The length is 1,400 m including transport equipment and the rider enjoys 22 turns, 5 jumps (off-road twists) and three tunnels during a ride with an average incline of 7.03%. The truly extraordinary experience of the ride, the speed of which is decided by each rider according to his/her ability, is enhanced by the beautiful surrounding panorama of the Giant Mountains. All age groups may ride the single or double bobsleds without any problems; children 8 years of age and older may ride by themselves, children under eight must be accompanied by adults. Due to high-quality lighting, the bobsled run can be operated even after dark.

„MonkeyPark Harrachov“ is situated in the vicinity of the last curve of the Harrachov bobsled track. It offers 14 obstacles, and it is 273 m long. The last two obstacle courses of the rope park lead through the thrilling 117 meter-long slide on a rope over a mountain lake. “MonkeyPark Harrachov” was designed for the wider public, including children whose height is 140 cm or more. It was planned and designed so that even an absolutely untrained tourist or a child of the required height can manage it. Despite that (or maybe because of that), even such visitors will have a wonderful experience.
The attraction of „MonkeyPark Harrachov“ rests in gradually conquering obstacles suspended on ropes between trees 3-7 meters above the ground. Special “bases”, on which a visitor may rest, as well as use while moving from one obstacle to another, are secured between individual obstacles on the trees. The park’s location directly inside the full-grown forest amplifies the experience. A visitor moves “between sky and earth”, but contrary to artificial rope courses, they spend time amongst nature, below the treetops, and with the bonus of an attractive “flight” over a mountain lake.

Aquapark Špindl

AQUA Park Špindlerův Mlýn is a dream come true. There are whirlpools, saunas and steam saunas at your disposal, while your children can enjoy all the water attractions and slides until they are pleasantly exhausted.

Pools and atractions

Enjoy pleasant relaxation after skiing or trekking in our leisure pool, whirlpools, whirlpool benches, children’s pool, three slides, wild river …


Enjoy pleasant relaxation after skiing or trekking in our wellness centre. There’s a Finnish sauna, steam room, salt infrasauna, healing salt cave and a children’s area. You can also order a sports or relaxing massage.

Mumlava waterfall

The Mumlava River flows through the mountain valley and thanks to its steep descent, it creates beautiful sceneries with the frequency of waterfalls up to 12 meters high. Mumlava waterfall is one of the most waterfalls in the Czech Republic and is very popular. In the river can be seen the so-called Devil’s Eye, or giant pots, which are depressions in the granite bedrock in which the water swirls form. The trail to this natural phenomenon is just a few hundred meters walks around Gryf’s apartment house.

Glass factory and brewery Novosad & son

During the tour, you will have a chance to get up very close to the working glassblowers and watch the complete procedure of glass processing. The excursion also includes a visit to the unique 123 year old historical glass cutting room, which is driven by transmissions and a water turbine. Almost every thing has been working in the former form and it is fully functional from 1895. When visiting the Glassworks Harrachov, we highly recommend to take a factory tour with our guide, who will explain all manufacturing process in English or German languages to you.

So in the summer of 2002 Harrachov got another “attraction” which draws tourists – a private minibrewery offering tempting and delicious yeast non-filtered and non-pasteurized beer.
In the course of its short history, the small brewery succeeded in getting a number of awards including two “Gold Beer Seals” (in the years 2011 and 2012) for the first place in the absolute category among all the participating breweries at beer fest in Tábor. In both cases, the prize was awarded to the light lager František.

The Harrachov Brewery is also a holder of several more medals in the category of minibreweries and yeast beers. Moreover, the František beer was awarded the prize “Product of Liberec District of the Year 2008” and “Regional Food” of the year 2011.


Beer spa

Beer spa therapy will bring you an unforgettable experience, regenerating your skin and rejuvenating both your body and mind.This unique curative spa therapy will bring you a pleasant experience with rejuvenating effects!The beer bath procedure is prepared in a rehabilitative tub filled with natural untreated mountain water mixed with 5 litres of light and 5 litres of dark unfiltered non-pasteurised yeast beer, combined with crushed hops.

Brewery U Čápa

Our mini-brewery is in operation from the summer of 2015. You will find us right in the building of Penzion U Čápa. We used the old cellars of this historic building and installed complete technology here. Beer so we drink from the lager cellar, where it ripens, by direct way to our restaurant.

We cook beer with respect, humility and love for the consumers, the tradition and the experience of our ancestors, the brewery and the craft.

The goal of the U Čápa brewery is not a big show or dozens of beer types. Here you will get fine beer tuned to the last detail. Our main brand is 12% unfiltered lager Worldbike JC – the name originated naturally as a tribute to our national genius, who spent a long time in Liptákov. We occasionally cook beer specials – unique, limited editions of beer, dedicated to other important personalities or events from our region. Respect for tradition and love for the region is not just an empty concept for us.

Museum of the Cimrmanian Age

The first official museum of the Czech genius and adventurer was opened in the summer of 2013 at the U Café area. There is a large part of Jára Cimrman’s estate, hitherto housed in the company’s depositories and the JC Theater in Prague. A significant part of the collections was also acquired thanks to the citizens of Pojizers and the surrounding area, who donated a number of authentic monuments to the genie stay in the Liptovsky Region.

Lighthouse of Jara Cimrman

According to the testimony of the witnesses, Cimrman, during his quivers, was thinking about the rise of a “tower, not unlike the Parisian”. To commemorate the master’s unrestricted view and immortal glory, this Lighthouse was built up in 2013.

Lesopark Na Sluneční

The natural area built in 2013 – a magical place overlooking the Church of St. Vitus, a tower and a long hill. A place for visitors to grow themselves by planting trees, a place for adults to relax and babysitting, who enjoy themselves on the original natural climbing frames and swings. And all through this is the mysterious Příchovický Snake. Discover his secret!

How the snake arose?

The concept of the whole area is a joint work of the team of graphic artists and architects from the Strange Child / Enfant Terrible that have been designing their parks and gardens for over twelve years. Landscaping, climbing and other elements have been done for over a year by enthusiasts from the local recreation area U Čápa, of course thanks to the massive support of the village Příchovice.

Mining museum Harrachov – The Giant Mountains

Mining Museum and guided underground mine gallery were opened on March 2003 in the main gallery floor level of the former mine. In the museum there are examples of fluorite deposits minerals, tools and equipment used in mining, maps and photographs documenting the work at the local deposit.

The tour will take you to the tunnel about 1000 metres long , routing the typical ore mine environment, poured by gravel and enlightened, the average annual temperature varies 7 °C (we recommend to wear warmer clothing).

After donning a helmet at the entrance to the tunnel, you will see a complete mining elevator mine trolleys, battery- electric locomotive mining loader, etc.
Guided tour lasts about 45 min. and visitors will learn a lot of things concerning work in the former ore mines.

Hornické muzeum a prohlídková štola byly otevřeny v březnu roku 2003 v úrovni bývalého štolového patra. V muzeu jsou ukázky minerálů fluoritových ložisek, nástroje a pomůcky používané při těžbě, mapy a fotografie dokumentující práci na zdejším ložisku.


A description of the line “Kořenovská zubačka”

The “Kořenov rack and pinion railway”, the Tanvald – Kořenov line, was built as part of the Liberec – Tanvald – state border line with a connection to the former Prussian State Railways line which led along the state border – Petersdorf – Hirschberg route. This was a line of international significance despite its operating length of a mere 6.7 km. The line overcomes a height difference of 235.1 m and its gradient reaches a value of 58 per mille. It was equipped with a unique rack and pinion system because of the extreme gradient. Nowadays, the line attracts the interest of railway enthusiasts, tourists and skiers.

Source of images: “Railway Company Tanvald o.p.s.” archive

Výtopna Kořenov

Výtopna Kořenov is located in the western part of Kořenov railway station and is accessible only with a guide. The historical railway vehicles are exposed in Vytopna Kořenov and their maintenance is being carried out here. Here you can see the unique T426.0 rack locomotive nicknamed “Austrian”, the locomotive T435.0111 “Hektor” and T211.037 “Lighter”, M240.056 “Singrovka” and M152.0453 “Orchestrion” or Historical Track Vm 32.003 “Hermoch”. Occupancy of vehicles may vary.

Source of images: “Railway Company Tanvald o.p.s.” archive

The Rack and Pinion Railway Museum

The exhibits at the museum mainly focus on the Tanvald – Kořenov rack and pinion railway, its rich and often troubled history and the rolling stock operated there. To a lesser extent, it also covers the surrounding railway lines, including the Kořenov – Szklarska Poręba line. The museum not only houses a number of texts and photographs concerned with the history, present and future of the Tanvald – Kořenov rack and pinion line and the connecting line from Kořenov to Szklarska Poręba, but also exhibits which are linked to this unique line. The exhibits include models of various types of rack and pinion railways, rack and pinion wheel sets and their layout and other points of technical interest.

Source of images: “Railway Company Tanvald o.p.s.” archive

Mining railway Kořenov

The mining railroad you will find in the neighborhood of the building Kořenov station in Jizera Mountains (Jablonec n.Nisou District) … Mining railroad is located at an altitude of 701 m.